Sunday, July 26, 2009


Not in the mood to write anything right now. But here's some food.


Velvet Poppers at MILK
Velvet Poppers
I remember when these only cost $.50 each.

Brownie Sundae. No nuts because of Ashley XD
Brownie Sundae

At least I know that I'm eating enough. See you all when I'm back from Indonesia.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Winding roads, burnt mouths.

To sum up my days of summer:

Ha. A pathetic attempt at humor.

Anyways, some noteworthy things that I've eaten lately:

Banana and dulce de leche crepe, with a layer of caramelized sugar much like that on Crème brûlée. Eaten at Lala's Argentine Grill on Melrose, with a nice little candle to celebrate Curstina's birthday.
Lala's Argentine Grill

I've found my new favorite restaurant in terms of delicate textures and complex flavor profiles (you know, those places where "civilized" people eat). Barbecue doesn't count.

animal is randomly tucked away on Fairfax over by Canter's, with a black, unmarked storefront. It's quite easy to miss. Menu changes daily, and local ingredients are used extensively. I ate the "melted petit basque, chorizo, garlic bread." I don't want to bore you with details this time around, but I can safely say that I was pleasantly impressed.

For dessert - "bacon chocolate crunch bar, s&p anglaise." The bacon was surprisingly subtle, adding but a hint of salty bacon flavor that balanced out well with the sweetness of the chocolate. If anything, it added the same crunch of the crisp rice in a Krackel or Crunch bar. My two vices, stuck together. There's a good chance I died somewhere during that dessert.

In other news, Jordan and I headed up to Mulholland Drive to take nighttime shots.

No commentary required.



Later, friends. Tonight's gonna be a good night.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


How can something as simple as a lemon zester or ballpoint pen have so many reviews on

I refuse to read a three-paragraph rant on the ergonomics of a bic pen, thank you very much.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I haven't been to Kendo or Naginata for some time now. I guess it's good that I'm keeping active this summer, with Mission Training and all that. But I do truly miss the sound of bamboo clashing, people yelling, and getting thwacked on the head. So now I'm reduced to practicing on my own free time until class rolls around.

But in the meantime, here are some pictures from Kendo that I took a while back.



Stretch it out

That is all.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Disney World?!

Yes, I finally went. After talking about it since Freshman year, we pulled it off.

We, meaning these kids.
The gang

Anyways, I never actually thought I would go through with my Senior Trip plans. I mean, who does? But next thing I knew, I found myself walking through the gate of the terminal to board a flight to Orlando.

I have no idea how the passage of time worked out on the trip; it's all one big blur to me. So I will post a picture, followed by an explanation. Simply as that.

Tree of Life
Tree of Life, a massive structure in the Animal Kingdom that's built around an oil rig. There is also a somewhat amusing show held in theater underneath the tree. I make unattractive faces.

Expedition Everest. Like the Matterhorn, on steroids. Even that doesn't do it justice. I want one here.

Oh no! Broken track!
Oh no!

Finding Nemo Musical, done with puppets. The concept sounds strange, but it's well executed and gave me quite a few laughs. There is, however, an annoying song at the end. Beware.

Ah, dinner at Le Cellier in Epcot. Beastly dinner. Started off with Candian Cheddar Soup with assorted Canadian breads. Followed that with a medium-rare salt-crusted prime rib and potatoes on the side. Ordered a skillet of baked mac and cheese, finished off with some Chocolate Moose (chocolate mousse rolled in crumbs with cookie-antlers and chocolate candies for eyes). Heavy, filling, delicious, and possibly hazardous.
Canadian Cheddar SoupAssorted BreadsSalt-crusted Prime RibMac and CheeseChocolate Moose

Something of a splurge.

Ah, and a tiny little anecdote: at the fast pass machines for Test Track, we managed to trick the machine and end up with a buttload of fast passes. Yay for exploiting the system!

Venetian Masks. I want.
Venetian Masks

Mmm. Illuminations.
Reflections of Earth
What a show. And, we got exclusive seats. Nice way to end a fantastic day.

I could have stayed on these two rides all day.

But clearly, the thing that I was the most psyched about was taking pictures with Power Rangers! :D
Oh Jeez.
Oh jeez.

Full Montagu. Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney. Roast Beef, Provalone, Roma Tomatoes, Lettuce. Damn cheap, too!
Full Montagu

Kitchen Sink from Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club resort. Eight scoops of ice cream, about a pound of toppings, and an entire can of whipped cream. Quarter shown for reference.
Kitchen Sink Sundae

Not gonna lie, I was pretty jealous of their castle.

People thought I was crazy for taking my camera out for this shot.

Long exposure nighttime shots! :D
Lilly Belle

"Wishes" fireworks show! Very similar to "Remember..." and equally awesome. A beautiful display of shooting colorful pyrotechnics into the sky. I wouldn't mind doing that for a living.
Wishes Fireworks

Typical Partners statue shot.
But I had to take one for myself.

Lovely trip. Endlessly exciting. The perfect Senior Trip, and definitely a high point of my summer. Now off to Indonesia!

I won't bore you with the nuances of the differences between Disneyland and Disney World. I'll save that for whoever is unfortunate enough to join me in the parks.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Where is everyone?

Seems that everyone is too busy with their respective lives to blog, which is a good thing. If you're blogging too much during summer, you're definitely on the computer too much.

Like me.

Well, at least this is worthy of mentioning.

That is, Skooby's in Hollywood.

It's a fairly famous hot dog place near Hollywood and Highland, but a tad removed from the most tourist-infested part over my the Kodak Theater and whatnot.

Chili cheddar hot dog with grilled onion was pretty dang good. Extremely generous with the cheese, chili was tasty but forgettable. The sausage had just the right amount of heat (read: a tad) and the casing had a nice but of snap to it. Onions were well-cooked and hot. The fries were also noteworthy, being a mix of normal long fries and thick cut potato chip-style bits. Hot, crispy, delicious fried goodness. The aioli (which they called "famous?") was just icing on the cake.

I'm a fan.

On a side note, I counted at least eight "RIP King of Pop" shirts, four Michael Jackson impersonators, and one person offering to give you maps to Neverland Ranch. MJ Mania is still on a high.