Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hello, friends!

Putting off studying for Gov and Econ because I'm lazy like that. So instead, I shall do these survey things (which prove that the blogging world isn't quite dead yet)

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you which song or movie you remind me of.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello you would be.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.
8. I'll tell you my favorite thing about you.
9. I'll tell you my least favorite thing about you.

1. You occasionally sound like a five-year-old XD
2. 1000 Times a Day, because I hear it every time I'm in your car
3. You seem very...watermelon-like.
4. Owl necklace :D
5. You came up to me in Photo and were all like "I hear you're really smart" or something like that. Twas quite random.
6. a chipmunk!
7. Where do you go when you disappear on the weekends?
8. You have very interesting facial expressions and balance out everyone else's irrationality
9. You don't like to do things without a reason, which tends to be half the fun of things :[

Hello love
1. You're better than me at flipping pancakes and other pancake-like foods
2. Ratatouille, Chicago, Watchmen, Forever :]
3. Oh! Chocolate! Like...chocolate pudding! Like the awesome dirt cups we ate in Mueller's! :D
4. One of us always ends up falling off of the seat...
5. You smiled a lot during dance shows, and sprayed my hair before class comp!
6. A blue-footed boobie with cheeks of steel. Which cheeks..?
7. What goes on in your head when you laugh randomly?
8. You're mine and I'm yours
9. You get mad at me when I bite your shoulder >_<

1. Joon will take pictures with me but not with you XD
2. Star Wars :DDDD
3. Watery. Lime. Jello.
4. We were pathetic and rejected, so we ate mochi.
5. You and Sabrina were those cool girls that liked Star Wars. Oh! And I remember you knew who I was when I visited TFPC and you were passing out some paper thing at the door.
6. Treeeeeeeeeeee. A talking tree.
7. What do you do when I'm knocked out on your couch?
8. You're quite an awesome person
9. You get scared at my eye-opened sleepiness.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Sadies was cancelled, so we had our own festivities.

They involved food.

Gaja has now been recommended to me on numerous occasions, so I made it a point to check it out. I'm glad that I did.

I satisfied my takoyaki craving yet again, although these weren't quite as good as the ones at the Bunka Sai.
Spicy Takoyaki
They did have lots of Sriracha sauce on them, though. Yum. Although, the Sriracha did tend to overpower the flavor of the octopus inside. Perhaps it would have been better without the sauce. Gaja also sells a mochi and cheese takoyaki, which I'm a bit wary to try.

Next up, the make-your-own okonomiyaki! Got the "Modern Mix," which had squid, octopus, pork, yakisoba noodles, and shrimp. We failed somewhat at flipping the monstrous thing, but it still tasted delicious so no worries there. Definitely need to work on our technique, though.
In terms of taste, I have nothing but good things to say about the okonomiyaki. The ingredients were of relatively high quality. The sauces were top-notch, and the service was pretty friendly.

Good experience.

Then, on to watching Chicago and other fun things. Ha! who needs Sadies when you get to spend time with an awesome person?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jeepers Creepers

Haven't had a chance to shoot for fun this week. Been out taking slideshow pictures for 3+ hours a day, creeping on those last kids that I've somehow failed to take pictures of throughout the year. Fun. But it'll amount to something in the end - something great. At least that's what I'm hoping.

This hopefully explains my lack of random pictures.

It seems that the rest of my blogging world has been pretty quite lately. So I guess I'll throw this survey out there for anyone who isn't quite dead yet.

If you comment with your name:

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you which song or movie you remind me of.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello you would be.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.
8. I'll tell you my favorite thing about you.
9. I'll tell you my least favorite thing about you.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Round objects

To sum up my Saturday:

Bunka Sai with Teresa, who stuck around for my naginata demo.

Satisfied my takoyaki craving :D
Takoyaki :D
Fish flakes?

Ashley came by, got some dango. Three for $1!
Dango goodness

Rushed to get home, packed, and off to Pomona! They have a dining hall that reminds me of Hogwarts.

Had an awesome host with a hilarious roommate. Wizard staffing, getting my revenge on CMC, inflatable pirate ships, and oh so much more. Oh man, what a night.

I'm definitely leaning towards Pomona over Berkeley.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sage Hens!

So I'm in Pomona right now.

I'm definitely enjoying it here...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lazy day

Boring Monday. First day back from break. Only thing to redeem it was the surprise that was left for me in ASB :]

I now have a replenished popcorn stash. And some odd Danish chocolate with a creepy kid on the box.
Kinder Chocolate
I mean, seriously. That kid was staring at me the whole time. What the crap. But it tasted good, so no worries.

Nothing to do after school, so headed over to Tree's to see her cool armor ring thing. Punch someone in the face with that hunk of metal. Loafed, watched Food Network, Tree made food :D
Mmmm Jajaroni. I dislike writing out Korean in English.

And mi madre surprised me with this! Turns out that Costco has six packs of em for like...six dollars. Thank you, Costco.

Once again, my entire blog post revolves around food items. Lovely.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hurry Back. Hurry Baaaack.

Saturday. What a fun day. Spent 3 hours in the airport waiting for my flight, because my cousin had to drop me off and go do stuff. Thankfully, I had my uber Choco Pie s-more thingy to keep me company :D
Inside-out S'more
Good stuff, man.

Got bored on the flight home, but luckily I had a window seat.
Above the clouds
The girl next to me probably thought I was crazy.

Oh, and I would like to take this time to mention that Virgin America is the awesomest airline ever. Trippy lighting, trance music, individual media screens, power outlets, and USB ports. Leather seats. Sarcastic safety videos. Good for young ones.

Walked down the hallway and noticed the reflection in the glossy floor. Stopped to take a picture.
I have a thing for hallway shots.

(This would be the picture Tree mentioned in her blog yesterday...)

Went through the revolving door. Was met with a lovely surprise :] Best. Dance Asking. Ever. Teeheehee

Madre took me, Ashley, and Tree out to lunch at Lucille's.
Tis the only chain restaurant I don't mind going to. The feast lasted through dinner too, when we watched Slumdog.

Movies, food, more food, jacuzzi, late nights, awkward laughs ;]

Sunday. Happy Easter!

Cambodia Mission Trip informational meeting. Cambodia this summer? Twelve days. Sounds exciting. Lots of hard work. I'm down. Better than sitting on my lazy ass all summer.

Dinner with the fambam.
Mmmm Korean BBQ.

Now, back to Lit. Goodbye Spring Break. It's been spectacular.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

If you're going to San...Francisco.

Berkeley's a fun little college town. Lots of yoga studios, organic food places, etc. Reeks of down-to-earth hippie goodness. Quite fun.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I went up there with my cousin Daniel to visit UC Berkeley.

I think it was...Emilay's cousin that mentioned Zachary's Pizza? was recommended to me by someone. But regardless, Zachary's kicks ass. Thin crust pizza with Canadian Bacon, Jalapeno, and Sausage. The crust was crispy with a thin layer of cornmeal on the bottom. The sauce was tangy and thick with chunks of stewed red goodness. The sausage and bacon was hidden underneath the cheese, which prevented the oils from being cooked off, thus locking in an inordinate amount of flavor. Of course, this made the pizza quite liquidy, but didn't do enough to detract from my enjoying the pizza. Great stuff.

Walked around Berkeley for a few hours. Have to take time to make my college decision now.

Back over to San Francisco. Hadn't been there since elementary school, so I went around and did all of the touristy things. Like...the one and only Golden Gate Bridge. Along with the other 1000000000 asian tourists with dslrs, shooting away at the landmark.
That one famous bridge.

Next, up and down over steep streets and confusing roads to Lombard Street, the curviest street in the world. Oh man, that was fun to drive down. Saw some guy take it down at 40 mph just for fun. Smart move, dude.
Lombard Street
There was an extremely long line to get on the street. Seriously, it was like waiting in line for a ride at Disneyland. I feel for the people who actually live on the street. What a pain, hearing the screeching of car brakes all day.

Drove up another steep incline to Telegraph Hill, where I followed a beautiful little trail to reach the top.
How Pretty.

Waiting for me was Coit Tower, where you can take an elevator up and see the entire San Francisco Bay.
Coit Tower
So Coit was the name of some rich socialite lady. She was in love with San Fran, so bequeathed a third of her estate to arbitrarily beautify the city. It was decided to use the funds for a tower. Huh.

And on to more touristy things. Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. Lots of seafood, the Boudin Bakery (which I had just seen a mockup of at DCA XD ), Bushman, and interesting characters. Saw an old man in a three-piece suit with a handlebar mustache and pocketwatch, but didn't manage to get a shot. Lame.

Pier 39, where tourists buy bread bowls and cheap souvenirs. Cool.
Pier 39
There was an Asian saturation of 8 people per square yard. Gah!

Went to Chowders for dinner. Good choice.

How about...a steaming bread bowl filled with clam chowder? What about clam chowder chock full of seafood, celery, potato, and bacon?! The bowl was almost completely carved out. More soup, less bread. Crispy outside. Chewy inside. Which is why I do not regret getting the Steak Gumbo at Disneyland.

Also got some fish and chips, but they paled in comparison to the clam chowder. Poor things, stuck in the shadow of some great San Fran goodness.
Fish and Chips

Last picture of the day. I swear. I was looking out the window on the lower level of the Bay Bridge right after sunset. The sky was completely blue - no clouds or anything. I felt like I was looking at a fish tank. Driving through water. I was tripping out, man.
Trippin out.
Totally blew my mind.

It was great visiting SF after all these years. Definitely enjoyed myself. It's a shame we didn't pull of a NorCal road trip this Spring Break. Oh well. Good night, all.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Another day of Disney

Disneyland Thursday. Complete failure of a day in terms of getting things done. But it's alright. We have annual passes.

Got to Disneyland. Rode small world. Went to DCA. Freaking starving. Waited in a ridiculously slow-moving line for a hot dog. Now, that was a surprisingly decent hot dog. A spicy, peppery sausage (bit on the dry side) covered in barbecue sauce-drenched onions. The onions were pretty much tasteless, but they served to hold in the barbecue sauce and give the hot dog some texture.
BBQ Hot Dog

Seriously running out of things to do. Mikie asked Crush about the economy. Turns out the value of the sand dollar's doing pretty well despite the economic downturn.

Watched Aladdin, which is still a favorite of mine.
Lovey Dovey
I can show you the world
shining, shimmering, splendid

Waited for Ashley to finally arrive. Epic running hug :] I missed her, but now I don't have to anymore.

Accomplished little else. We were hungry. Royal St. Veranda for bread bowl goodness!
Steak Gumbo
My usual, the Steak Gumbo. I'm glad I didn't get the clam chowder, for reasons which will be obvious soon enough.

We were already in New Orleans Square, so we headed over to The French Market to grab a chocolate cake. Devoured that thing. Poor cake didn't even have a fighting chance. Oh man, I love that cake. Luuuurv it.
Amazing Chocolate Cake

3 out of 4 of my Disneyland pictures for the day are of food. Just goes to show what we accomplished. Nice.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If you're going to San...Diego.

A whole day in San Diego with three awesome kids. BMW Convertible. Senior Year. Hell yeah.

And the thing that made our lives so much easier.
Yay! GPS!

But first, here's a picture of a cloud that I took while Sabrina and I cloudwatched in the backseat :D
See anything?
It's a whale!

Went to UCSD, but failed to recognize anyone there. Drove over to La Jolla Cove, with lots of men in speedos, pelicans, and dramatic wave-crashing-on-rocks action. La Jolla is quite the pretty little beach town, really...

Saw the Old Man and the Sea.
Old Man and the Sea


Went over to Balboa Park with its 1000 museums. But we were there for one reason: The Museum of Photographic Arts. Interesting. Some pictures made me sit and wonder, while others looked like glorified myspace pictures. The Lou Stoumen and Edward Steichen exhibits were particularly powerful. Sadly, no pictures of the pictures.

Took a picture with this weird ceramic tile-covered lizard thing...what? No idea. But it was in front of a museum, if that helps at all.

Went on an adventure to through the jungle to find the car! Spoke of Pokemon and things. You know, those things that high school seniors talk about. We're going on a bear hunt!

We were freaking starving at that point, so onwards to Phil's BBQ! Cheap, delicious pork shoulder sandwich. Coleslaw. Ridiculous amount of fries. Ice cold Coke. Really really really good server. What's there not to like? Well, except for the fact that the entire parking lot smells of hickory smoke. What a tease.
Phil's BBQ

Drove up to Point Loma lighthouse and the Cabrillo monument, which gave us a nice view of San Diego and the surrounding area. The lighthouse itself was quite interesting, with mock ups of the rooms that the families lived in at the lighthouse. Oh man, that seashell frame from hell. Godforsaken handicrafts...
Point Loma Lighthouse

Yay for the lighthouse's spiral staircase! I'm sure Tree and Sabby will have the same spiral picture, so here's a little bit of a different one.

Jeff and I contemplated suicide by cliffjumping. Jeff actually did it, sort of. Scared the shit out of Tree. Pretty funny.

Headed on over to Extraordinary Desserts, where Andrea took me last time I visited SD.

The Viking. Layers of chocolate cake, mousse, creme broulee, crushed pralines, and whatever other chocolate concoctions they can think of. I liked my old picture of it better, but here's a closeup of the layers.

And some Creme Brulee with delicious strawberry on top :D Deeelicious.
Creme Brulee
The flower petals and gold foil were definitely unnecessary though. Not a big fan of overdone decorations. It makes it seem like they're compensating for lackluster food. Which in this case, they weren't. But it sure seemed like it.

Here's a link to my old picture of it.

Now, Jeff decided to eat the ball of chocolate frosting on top of the Viking. Not gonna lie...that was pretty disgusting.

So to wash it all down, we went back to the car and drank from Jeff's random 3-liter water bottle. It now tastes strangely of chocolate -__-

Headed on over to Pacific Beach, where the pier is a privately owned extension of a hotel. What the crap?!

The sun began to set, so we sped on over to Sunset Cliffs. What an appropriate name. Barely made it in time, jumped out of the car, and ran to the edge of the cliffs to snap off a few shots. San Diego has many cliffs...
Sunset Cliffs

Sadly, some cloud cover blocked the majority of the sunset. My consolation prize was a series of long exposure shots of the surrounding rocks.
Waves crash
At first I was mad at the blur, but looking at it now, it makes it look like an Impressionist painting or something. At least to me.

Made one last stop at UCSD to visit Grace Mak. She took us to Muir's cafe and treated us to some food. Swiper no swiping! Aww man!

Got a chocolate shake. Actually, we all got some kind of smoothie-drink thing.
Jeff: "I don't know about your guys' smoothies, but mine is really really good"

Said our goodbyes, and we were off to rush Sabby home.

The long road back to Torrance.

Thanks to Jeff for driving. Thanks to all three of em for being such awesome daytripping buddies.

I love Spring Break.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sheisty Kids

Spent a very economical day in Santa Monica and LA. Don't feel like writing about details. Posting pictures to prevent a photo pileup after San Diego adventuring tomorrow.

3rd Street. Pier. Beach. Lady Bugs. Refer to other's blogs for details.

Bought a light gray suit from H&M for Prom Court and probably grad. That's exciting. Now I need to go get it tailored.

LACMA for free. The kind of place that makes you tilt your head to the right and go "huh?"

I mean, seriously. What the hell is this?
A room full of newspaper clippings, with papier mache stuck on metal rods. I'm supposed to take said rods into this room of newspaper and "interact" with the art. I'm sorry, but I fail to see the significance. Maybe my art muscles need exercising or something. I felt this way for most of the exhibit.

But hey, I still really enjoy being at LACMA. Still hasn't gotten old. And that Japanese pavilion was quite interesting.

Drove over to Little Ethiopia. Rosalind's, baby. Stare in awe at this ridiculous platter of stewed beef, chicken, and lamb on a bed of spongy injera, with a boiled egg in the middle for good measure. Fed six people for $11 each in LA. How's that for frugal? And not just cheap food. Good, healthy, wholesome, flavorful Ethiopian fare. Delicious.

It's like an explosion of flavor in my mouth!

That's what she said. Ohhh jeez.

Over to Milk, where I usually end up going after visiting Museum Row.

The Brownie, in all of it's glory. I've taken several pictures of this now, and I'm still amazed at its awesomeness. A warm, chewy brownie sets the foundation for scoops of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and nuts on top. As basic as brownie sundaes come, but executed so much better. Take something that everyone's seen, but make it better without changing it too much. That's skill, right there.
The Brownie

Once again, nothing but vignettes. Lacked the photos to make this a coherent story. Now I'm off to bed to wake up early for San Diego. Welcome to my Spring Break.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

To all that come to this happy place...welcome.

Day 2 of Spring Break. Disneyland with my dongseng.

Started off the day with a meat pie from Mojo Pies and Coffee. Ground steak with bacon, egg, and cheese, all in a flaky pie crust. Yum.

Aaand over to Disneyland. It was already hot by the time we got there, so we got some Dole Whips. Although I've eaten a good number of them, this is the first decent pictures I've taken of one.
Oh, Dole Whip.

Some other stuff happened. Rode Pirates with the intention of getting some shots that didn't completely suck ass. Succeeded ,somewhat.

Can you see Jack?
Where be Jack?
He's camouflaged.

Drink up me hearties, yo ho.
Captain Jack

I HATE HATE HATE taking pictures in the Haunted Mansion. It's a complete nightmare. The only shot I got worth showing the world is one of Constance, the black widow bride lady person thing.

As long as we both shall live...

We were lucky enough to sit around for a while to listen to Earnie, the resident blues guitarist. This guy's been playing at Disneyland since it opened (or close enough. That's over 50 years).
I could just sit and listen to him all day. Seriously. It's soothing.

Lunch at Cafe Orleans. Pommes Frites, which didn't have all of the herb-goodness that used to come piled on top of it.
Pommes Frites
Still decently tasty, though.

Aaaand my favoritest sandwich in the whole world: a Disneyland Montecristo.
Montecristo :D
I live to eat these things. It is my purpose in life.

Drawn to Animation: Grumpy.
Drawn to Animation
Second time around, got to draw Jack Skellington! That's exciting :D

Dinner: Steak Gumbo!
Steak Gumbo
Yum. Bread bowl.

And the only usable picture I have ever taken on Indy.
Next time, you're on your own.
That ride is actually worse than the Haunted Mansion. You need ridiculously fast shutter speeds to even freeze anything with the motion of the damn jeep.

Of course, other things happened throughout the day. I just don't feel like writing about them.

And pet peeve: When people use flash in dark rides. NO FLASH PICTURES PLEASE. Thank you.