Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mulan, Shan Yu, Mushu, and Yzma.

What a tough day of finals. Making a contact sheet for photo, playing Jenga and Clue in Yearbook, eating enchiladas at Mikie's, then going to Disneyland. What is a poor boy like me to do with this intense workload?

I kid. Today was epic. Disneyland with some close friends? Yeah.

I hate to bore you all with the details, but this is more for me to remember in the future.

From the beginning, the guy at the Annual Pass center was awesome. He gave us permission to tickle anyone who didn't smile. People like that make me laugh.

So it was hot...the first attraction we did was run onto Splash Mountain. Five minute wait? Pretty much. The ride was bumpier than usual. Pain in the butt. Oh, and Alex wins the (nonexistent) contest for most epic ride photo.

With our wet jeans and sloshy feet, we formed the Squishy Feet Club! Mikie was shunned. Randomly headed over to the Pooh ride...tripped out. Major trip, man. Watch out for those heffalumps.

Sloshed over to The Blue Bayou where we had reservations. Enjoyed the meal thoroughly, after a back-and-forth of whether Ashley should get gumbo or salad. She got salad. Figures. Those darn healthy people. The table was filled with Montecristos and Mikie's shrimp thingy. Yummy. Oh, and before I forget, Alex is "in love with a flamboyant gay singer." His words, not mine.
Le Special de Montecristo

and my Mint Julep...
Mint Julep
Ernie, the blues guitarist, was playing from the balcony of the plantation house. Sandwiches for soul food, jazziness for some earfood. Awesome.

We got some to-go bags and Alex wrote our names on them. Spelling fail.

and since Ashley's birthday's coming up, I called in advance and arranged for some chocolate mousse birthday goodness. We tried to sing Happy Birthday and failed somewhat.

we left, fat and happy (and with significantly lighter wallets) and went to Indy, where we had gotten fastpasses some time before. The ride broke down, so we headed over to California Adventure. In the meantime, Mikie decided to sneak off and get Ashley a birthday pin, which resulted in 1000 or so people wishing her a happy birthday.

Off to the Tower of Terror we went, to fulfill a dream that I had of riding it a few nights ago. Not a dream as an aspiration, but something that my mind thought about during my sleep. Don't get them confused. Oh. WOW your MOM's a COW. MOO.

Next, we went to the Animation Building, possibly my favorite thing at DCA. We attempted to draw Winnie the Pooh and for the most part failed. Then we took some quizzes in Beast's Library, which explain the title.
Cogsworth: "Hello! Up here!" 3. 2. 1. *snap*

then we sang and acted in Ursula's Grotto, laughing all the while. The park closed, so we walked back on over the Disneyland. Mikie and I took Ashley and Alex into the reopened castle walkthrough. So puuurty. Then we walked around Fantasyland and hopped onto the carousel. I really wanted to go on it. Noooo idea why. Freaking cast member wouldn't let me ride backwards.


Right. So then we went to Astro Blasters. Me and Ashley versus Alex and Mikie. Guess who won? Oh, and they owed us a chocolate cake. I got something over a million. Woot.
This game makes my arm sore.

Got some Dole Whips then ate them in line for the Jungle Cruise. Vanquished the terrifying Dole Whip monster. Gar.
IMG_2284Dole Whip Monster

The skipper was quite entertaining. Got our daily dose of corniness that I so desired.

Then we headed back to Indy since it was closed earlier in the day. There was an OBEY sticker or two in the queue. Cool.

Rode it once. Enjoyed it. Rode it again. Enjoyed it more.
*spears flying everywhere*
Random guy in car: "Get down! Get down!"
*everyone actually listens*

The second time, we were the last ones in line for the night. Somehow, the girl and her mom we let go in front of us ended up being the last ones on the ride. Which means they got a car to themselves. It was also her birthday, so good for her. Hope she enjoyed it.

And because the park was closing by the time we got out of the ride, there was no one around. So what did Alex and I do? Run around like madmen with our cameras, of course.

The Indy queue. Deserted.

While leaving Adventureland, we all flipped out in the vast expanse that was the empty walkway. Not a soul to be seen. It was as if the park was keeping itself open solely for our own enjoyment. Lovely.

So I sprinted over to the castle, since no one was around it. Except for a security dude who politely moved aside. Sooo happy I got this picture without anyone in it.
Sleeping Beauty Castle

Looked towards Tomorrowland. Snapped this shot off for fun.
Astro Orbiters

As we walked down Main Street to end our day of awesomeness, I took one last picture of the park.
Good ol' Main Street

and Mikie was nice enough to talk a shot of me and Ashley. I hate pop-up flash.

ahhhh...twas another lovely day. Good food, good company, good music. And how weird to think that we were at school that morning? Hm.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 2 of Finals. Kickass.

So I guess I should've gone to my locker yesterday, but I really had no reason to. Technically, I had no reason to today, either. But I did, just to make sure a certain someone didn't put a dead animal in there or anything. Nope. Just this.
Oh dang.
Thanks love. Twas a wonderful way to start my day.

But anyways, back to the school day. Bio was lame as usual...actually managed an A in that class. Talked to a couple people about signing up for Boys'/Girls' State. They'd be missing out...

Went to ASB for an intense final involving games, eating, and bitter goodbyes. But it was also Mrs. Hildreth's birthday, so we bought her a thinking cap since she's doing so much of it on our behalf...
har har.

Had to say goodbye for now to these cool kids, who won't be on ASB second semester. What a shame...


Gonna miss em. Hope I see them around.

But we didn't want to be all mopey and stuff, so we ate. and ate. and ate.

Gooey pizza...
I lava my pizza pie

and Kelly's amazing cupcakes that I think I've mentioned at least 20 times by now.

We played Catchphrase (Team 2 owns you in the face). People get pretty intense. Others just can't seem to talk under pressure XD

and, for old time's sake, we played a good number of rounds of Boom-Chicka-Boom-Boom. Ironically, most of ASB can't play it for shit. I guess the mess ups are what make it fun. Johnny busting out some Michael Jackson on us...oh. and you should've seen Jerek. What a beast.

Finished up the food and games, said our goodbyes, went to get some Mama Ramen with these cool kids.

Oh man, and I had just eaten pizza, breadsticks, cupcakes, and cookies, too. But I was still hungry. Shoyu Ramen, fried rice, and gyoza, baby. Yeah.

The bowl of steaming carbs...

and the tasty sides.

Didn't want to go home quite yet, so the three of us sped on over to TAM to get some culture in our heads. Tree had fun with my camera during the drive. Proof:
awkward face.

But the museum had this whole series on LA city streets. For instance, there was a bit on aerial shots of the city with model trees rising from every spot an actual tree would be. Doesn't make sense? Go to the Torrance Art Museum and see for yourself.

Totally Beverly Hills.

Now, it's common knowledge that tilting your head to the right automatically makes art look better. We sought to find the optimum art-viewing pose.

The more you tilt, the better the art looks.

And there are some other exhibits that I don't feel like writing about right now, but just take my word for it when I say they're kinda awesome.

and one last picture of my fellow "art experts."

well that was my day of finals. Difficult, huh?

I'm off to Disneyland tomorrow. Woot.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 1 of finals. Over.

And they sucked. But instead of crying over spilled milk, check out the last remains of fall/winter/California has no seasons. Disgustingly colorful.

And Sabby's awesome cowraser! That's a portmanteau, for all you Lit AP kids.

After the Lit final, Ray managed to stay in this exact position for approximately 1 hour 5 minutes. Or something. Yet he woke up without any marks on his face. How?! I always wake up with awkward indents and creases when I knock out in class...

Our stomachs were growling after we got raped in the ass by the Econ final. Drove over to Wienerschnitzel's as usual, and saw this awesome car in the parking lot. Reminds me of some really bad Lego set name or something.

Ashley brought along a whole buttload of awesome coupons, and Ray, Emilaaay, and I stuffed ourselves silly for exactly ten bucks. Beat that, yo.

And now, on to day two. Good luck kids.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

fail, then success!

So we tried to have a study group today after Ashley and I realized yesterday that the blind cannot lead the blind. We almost got somewhere with our studies, but then we got hungry. And you know how bad studying goes when food's involved. So we hopped into our cars and sped over the Bamboo Song for pho (what else?). I realized that I'm always down for a new adventure or type of food, but when I eat pho, I always get the same thing. Weird, huh? It's like a ritual to get a #1 with no onion, no cilantro. Then fill the thing with Sri Racha. Yummm.

In a burst of spontaneity and the realization that none of us had to be home soon, we ended up heading out to the pier. The beach is always better in the winter. Always.

We scream at the world. We scream at the ocean. But mostly, we just scream.
IMG_2023 copy

Now, we really wanted those epic churros that they sell 3 for $5 next to the pearl place, but we were thwarted by this dastardly sign.

We wandered in the cold, laughing at seagulls that couldn't fly to save their lives. Ohhh! And we saw pelicans and chased them. Does anyone have a bucket of pelicans I could borrow?

Anways...we eventually found a churro place that fried em and rolled em in sugar right before our very eyes. Talk about freshness :D

Some fatties. My 30D is shooting at high ISOs better than I remember.

We make attractive faces. Not. Oh, and the autofocus settled on the brightest thing in the frame (the background). Lame.

So this is what we accomplished while trying to study for finals. But you know what? We're seniors. So screw it.