Saturday, November 29, 2008

artsy? not quite

No food pictures or anything of that sort today. Rather, I'm proud to show the first picture that I'm excited about in a verryyyyyy long time. It's not often that I'm happy with my shots. Makes it all the better when I pull something out of my ass that I'm confident in showing to others.

The Pensive Man

Yeah, it's fun to try and be artsy fartsy every once in a while. Ya know?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

formerly known as Thanksgiving.

I enjoy calling today Turkey Day, not because I want to distance myself from the original meaning of the day, but because I like names with animals in them. Simple as that.

Well the Tuesday before school got out was filled with food, as any good day should be. One item in particular was the kick ass giant cookie pizza that Mrs. Hirayama brought to ASB :]]

Moving on...tried to entertain myself before Thanksgiving, but everything's FREAKING CLOSED. So Scott, Jason, and I headed down to Redondo. I just love the skies after a rainy day. Billowy, moody clouds everywhere. A cloud-lover's heaven.


Floating free

Sailing the seas. Freaking dust is INSIDE my lens housing. I hate it.

Three awesome churros for $5? I'm down.

There was an inordinate number of pelicans. Not sure why...

Feeding the birds

Sir, there is a pelican above your head.

Some other cool stuff happened in between, but let's hurry up and get to the feast, shall we?

Mi madre's corn muffins
Thanksgiving :D

Madre's candied yams
Thanksgiving :D

Mozarella with tomato, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar :D
Thanksgiving :D

Pecan pie...
Thanksgiving :D

Madre's creamed corn. amazing.
Thanksgiving :D

My awesome bacon-cheese mashed potaters.
Thanksgiving :D

mmm ham
Thanksgiving :D

Pumpkin pie...
Thanksgiving :D

Some red wine
Thanksgiving :D

Baby spinach salad with raspberries and sliced almonds
Thanksgiving :D

Cranberry sauce...ech
Thanksgiving :D

oh dang. gravy, baby.
Thanksgiving :D

and of course, the bird.
Thanksgiving :D

So I piled my plate up nice and high
Thanksgiving :D

but to my surprise, after this thing was cleared, the moms busted out some filet mignon. Oh heck yeah.
Thanksgiving :D

and the requisite dessert platter with pie, pumpkin cheesecake, and Ghirardelli double chocolate chip cookies. Oh yeah.
Thanksgiving :D

I am fat, happy, and about to pass out from a food coma. I'm not even sure how I managed to drive myself home. Goodnight everybody. Now, on to Black Friday >_<

Monday, November 24, 2008

Seniors in yo face.

Finally updating after a hectic past couple days. Class Comp, Canned Food Drive, and Shotgun shooting. The fun never ends, does it?

So let's see...lotsa preparing for class comp. Poster making at lunch and after I miss the Council days of staying in P-5 til six after school the week before class comp, making decorations. Good times...

x marks the spot.
Class Comp!

and then there was going to school early for setting up...sadly all of my pictures of the mall in the morning are on the ASB computer and I'm not going to put up pictures of the actual games cuz I need to keep em all secret and crap for the slidshow. Sorry.

Oh, and Larry is awesome. He let me borrow his fisheye and 40D...shooting with two cameras at once was definitely an experience.

Class Comp!

Class Comp!

Mr. Skeleton!
Class Comp!

The greatest poster ever, obviously.
Class Comp!

Cool kids take myspace pictures with $1200 cameras...
Class Comp!

Random...but this is probably the only picture I'll get of all the awesome kids in the corner in Lit.
Class Comp!

Anyways, so Class Comp finished up in all of its failed glory. Then the fun part! Counting cans for Canned Food Drive! :D
Class Comp!

Who the hell donates a can from 1995?!
Class Comp!

When we figured out the final count...
Class Comp!

...and BAM! We beat last year. again.
Class Comp!

for the record, seniors alone got 10,742 cans. Yeah. Be jealous.

This update is totally half-assed, but I needed a distraction from Lit terms. and Audrey was coming pretty close to killing me for my laziness.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One of them foodie days...

I had one of those eating days. Every time I looked down at my hands, there would be food there. Some chocolate, or some cereal, or God knows what. I feel like a fatty.

So we had another one of those eating-late start days. Yay! Cereal Party! Cocoa Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and really cool bowls! Ah, the little things in life...

What an absolutely amazing way to start the day. Notice the Fisheye 2 and iPod in the background...
Chocolatey Pebble Goodness.

And the normal pictures of everyone eating. Emily made several faces today...

Then school...CAML and all that crap. OH! I get to borrow one of them old school Speed Graphic cameras! Pretty stoked...

Stayed after school to count cans for the Canned Food Drive.
Seniors should be doing better EHEM CLASS COUNCIL PEOPLE! do work.

Headed over to Ruby's for the CSF fundraiser. Yeah, more food.

Emily makes another awkward face...I should seriously make a collage of these or something.

This kid's anti-photo.

Tree with a supposedly amazing Reese's Shake...

and my favorite part of the day...
Hickory Burger
BAM! Onion rings, bacon, bbq sauce, lettuce, cajun fries. I'm a happy kid.

Well, time to get back to college crap. Ciao.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm drained.


Blood drive last Thursday, which I should've put something about. I'm late. Apologies to tree who has been on my ass about my blogging lately -__-

Anywho...I actually enjoyed giving blood. It got me out of Bio and gave me some time to just lie down on chill for a little. Much appreciated. Oh, and we all got to skip the earthquake drill. Another plus.

Started off with an awkward questionnaire. I wonder if people actually answer this thing truthfully?
Blood Drive

While we all lay there with our insides dripping into plastic bags, I decided to take pictures. I mean, what else could I possibly do? Yeah, Alex and I had the right idea.
Blood Drive

Cool kids text while giving blood.
Blood Drive

And some kids are just way to excited about the whole thing. Do trees even have blood? o_O
odd uh TREE (6:04:45 PM): odd trees do!
Guess so.
Blood Drive

And of course, the obligatory picture of my noona. Because she always ends up in one of my pictures.
Blood Drive

Did I mention that the greatest thing about blood drives is the food? I sat there for a good thirty minutes stuffing myself silly with cookies, chips, chocolate, and juice crap. Fat and happy.
Blood Drive

Yeahhh not all that exciting. But I felt like putting something up...and I couldn't sleep quite yet. Too much stuff going on.