Friday, October 31, 2008


Yay Halloween was today. Turned in early for whatever reason. I'm kinda not feeling like explaining the whole day. Just trust me when I say that it was tiring and awesome :D

So yeah, went as the March Hare along with the Mad Hatter and, of course, Alice!
Mmhmm. We're awesome.

So yeah, here are some pictures of the particularly interesting costumes.

Three Monkeys

Juno and her Beau

The best group in my opinion, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

Guess what he is. Seriously, just guess.

Staredown with Mother Teresa. Get it?

and these short little cool kids.

Anyways...then school ended.
Every time we drove by these, Sabrina made us stop and admire them. That, we did.

and then Sarah gave me this nifty little balloon at Marukai...

And we munched on lovely little milk tea popsicles

It's Halloween, and Tree's reading Kite Runner. What a good kid XP

Sabby and Tree trying to cram for SATs. Ha. Funny.

Alex enjoying a nice fall breeze...I think.

AUDREY Hepburn! Get it? Ha!

Trick or Treat! Second curtain flash is funnnnnn :D

I got all excited whenever I saw a pumpkin carved like Jack Skellington. What a geek.

Kissy kissy face!

We're photophobic. That word has "pho" in it twice, therefore it must be an amazing word.

So yeah, that's Halloween. I'm surprised that I'm already home. How strange...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a very merry unbirthday to you

and a very happy birfday to me. Thanks to everyone for making my birthday so amazingly kickass. I felt so warm and fuzzy and loved that it was getting kinda disgusting. But totally in a good way. I must say, my friends are like...the awesomest people. Ever. What a great way to celebrate my Senior Year birthday :D

Sooo my bday started off like any good Korean kid's birthday should. With miyuk gook.

and I'm sitting in zero period Calc, and what do I see? Austin walking in holding some balloons, rapping for me at 7 in the morning and ending it with a class-wide "happy birthday" song. Nice.

Get through a timed writing and gov test, open my locker to grab my bio stuff, and look! Another surprise!

So what do I do? What any other self-respecting camera kid would do. Take pictures with it.

and who gave me this nice surprise, might you ask? Now, who else knows that I'm obsessed with chocolate and honey? None other than the loveliest girl in the whole world.

Pulled through a shitty Bio quiz, and Tree busts out four hard boiled eggs. Fun ensues. Yeaahh! Team Nose Goes!
Our alter eg(g)os...Audrey's joke. I swear.

Then my favorite time of the day...ASB!!!
I walk in to this:

Then Kelly busts out some of her amazing cupcakes with some orgasmic frosting...

and Saaya pops in with a delectable treat :]

Mrs. Hildreth brings in some awesome chili (totally unrelated to my bday, but still great)
Jerek makes for a lovely hand model.

and mi madre delivers a MASSIVE chocolate cake. Here's the birthday platter all laid out...
it takes all of ASB, Dance, and some random people to finish the cakes, but we pull it off somehow. amazing, eh?

fifth period rolls around, and Mikie suprises me with even more goodness. She already sent Austin in to serenade me, and left funny little notes and stuff in EVERY ONE OF MY CLASSES,and she tops it off with a GIANT COOKIE. I could be having the worst birthday in the world, and I'd still know that I have Mikie's giant cookie to look forward to. Much love.
I like ruining pictures with oh-so-attractive faces XP

The eating just never stops. After school, this one awesome kid takes me out for a nice treat:

I'll throw in a picture of him just for good measure.

For dinner, the madre took me out to Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen for some lovely southern comfort.
Jazz kitchen

Ignore the awkward shadow. I left my lens hood on.
Sweet potato bisque...tasted like fall. By fall, I mean pumpkin pie, cinnamon, etc.

A sampler of Catfish sliders, coconut shrimp, spring roll, and calamari. yum

Pork Tenderloin...

My mini birthday treat...

and some fresh beignets.

all the while, I listened to some dude on a very interesting piano...

My my...a day filled with awesome friends, bomb food, and great music. An ideal birthday in every way. The only way it could've been better would be to have a hippo crawl into my room, or something of that interest level.

Thanks loves, I had a funderful day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I lurv latestart...

I'll make you banana pancakes
pretend like it's the weekend now

And we can pretend it all the time, yeah

Latestarts = awesome breakfast.

The makings of a beautiful mess
The mess

Watching strange kids' shows. Whatever happened to Barney and Little Bear, anyhow?
Morning TV

Lovely flapjacks

Whole grain, chocolate chip, banana, banana chocolate chip, honey pancakes. yum.
Be jealous

I would travel across the world for this bacon. Amazing.
Ashley's Amazing Bacon

Finished it off with this:
don't ask how it turned out, though.

Senior year just keeps getting better and better. I have one more reason after another to be thankful for all that life has given me.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A day in retrospect.

I was lucky enough to have one of those really really awesome days this past Saturday, but freaking Early Apps have prevented me from posting anything about it. Well, I still should be working on the App but a break is definitely nice.

So the day started off at Sayo's house when we decided to watch Ashley's performance. Sadly, we didn't quite make it in time and ended up going to TAM to check out The Maize Project. Again for me.
Hehe...slug on wall.

We finished up there and were driving along...and somehow ended up at Farmer's Market for lunch :D
Oh...and a freaking cajun sausage dog with brisket and bbq sauce? glorious.

Enjoyed our lunches of beef, sausage, and Thai food over at Walteria Elementary.
Teeheehee...we found some bubble stuff. Fun ensued.
Sabrina decided to be a creeper for the day.

We then headed over to Marcy's for some good ol' fashioned sweets. Yummmm.
Hehe Ashley tried to scare me when I was taking this. Better luck next time...
Picked up a nice, massive strawberry marshmallow covered in chocolate. Sugar overload.

Yay! Crossed the street and what did we see? A pumpkin patch!

So I guess Sabrina and Sayo or on the same brain frequency or something...they both picked out the same pumpkin at the same time...
Ah! Pumpkinheads!
Dunno why I took this one...
Ashley's terrified of the leatherface. Yet Sayo and Sabrina look perfectly fine...

Headed back to Sayo's to work on Halloween costumes and eat some more. And yes, I do enjoy drinking honey out of a bottle.

We went to Aardvarks, ate at T&T's for dinner, and some other random things happened. Sadly, I have no pictures. My desire to photograph died off sometime during the day.

But yeah, great times were had by all.