Friday, February 27, 2009

My shirt is purple.

Class Comp #2 is officially over. It may also be our final class comp. But more on that later.

I find it completely absurd and amusing that we would take myspace pictures with a dslr. But hey, when you have a fisheye, it's kinda expected. I suppose.
Class Comp #2

Heh. I have another one freakishly similar to this from Class Comp #1 :]
Class Comp #2

And now, a slew of fisheye pictures. These involved the camera being shoved ridiculously close to peoples' faces, to the point of awkward discomfort. I love doing it.
Class Comp #2Class Comp #2
Tree's glasses tend to have an awkward glare. Dunno why.

Teeheehee. Melon face.
Class Comp #2

So here's our corner of the mall. Considering how little preparation went into it, the corner turned out alright.
Class Comp #2

And here are some posters that made me laugh more than usual...
Oh, you silly pirates.
Class Comp #2

Class Comp #2

Now, before ditching Bio, Sabrina, Jerek, and I realized that Converse makes too many different shades of purple. This picture corresponds with Sabrina's post, btw.
Class Comp #2

and Freshmen can't spell to save their lives. Also referencing Sabrina's post.
Class Comp #2
Edit: Dani can't spell to save her life.

Now, I'm sorry for the lack of Class Comp pictures. Hopefully you will see them in all their blown up glory during the slideshow.

Oh, and a little rant. There's a decent chance that we'll lose Class Comp thanks to douchebags like these guys.
Class Comp #2
They thought it would be "cool" and "rebellious" or whatever shit goes through their heads to pretend to be Sophomores, then reveal themselves. Seriously?? Not to mention all of the other shit that 09 did in the days leading up to and on Class Comp. School Admin already hates Class Comp...we're just giving them more reasons to take it away. Which they've already brought up several times. Come to think of it, this Class Comp was supposed to dictate whether the school can handle em or not. Let's hope the decision goes in our favor, lest we be the asshole class that ruined school spirit.

I'm leaning towards removing any trace of them from the slideshow. Ha. That would be fun.

Now, I can't put any pictures from the games up. But I HAD to show you guys this. There's no way I could keep this gem from the world.
Class Comp #2

Well, other than our Cheer, we did alright.

In other news, Sabrina and Alex have matched for two days in a row!
Class Comp #2

And on Sarah's random fact calender in ASB, they ACTUALLY put this on one of the days. That's not all that random, considering the calender taught me that the YKK zipper company stands for "Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha." Ha.
Class Comp #2


While looking through my old pictures, I realized that I had failed to upload some. So to start off, a memory from the dog days of summer, when we're too damned hot to do anything that doesn't involve something cool and refreshing.
Like iceblocking.
Yes, sit on a block of ice with a towel separating your ass and the chunk of frozen goodness beneath you. Freeze your butt, slide down a hill, fall, laugh, repeat.

We raced and raced, crashed into each other, laughing all the while.

Chris liked this one because it made him look buff. Ha.

And we had one of our last rolls of polaroid, only to realize that the entire roll was dead. What a downer.

Can't wait to do it again.

Now, fast forward to early February, when Emilaay, Alex, Nicolet, and I went to the beach after the rain. Of course, we had to convince Emily's madre that we wouldn't catch colds and die in the cold weather. Ha.

But yes, the weather is quite nice after a rainfall. The billowy clouds with rays of light peaking through...wet sand sloshing beneath your feet...puddles galore to jump in at your heart's content. How lovely.
Fly away

You must believe that the spoon will reveal to you something that which do not already know. Contemplate, then believe.

And then, we got churros :D Because why else would you go to the pier?

And before I go, one last thing. A polaroid that I randomly took around school one day. A 2 second composition, with little thought put into it. But when the polaroid slowly began to develop, I could feel my excitement mount. I held in my hand my favorite polaroid of all time. Something about the juxtaposition of the delicate flowers and the hard metal sign and fence just got to me.

I guess I'll post Class Comp pictures later.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow snow snow

So ignore the fact that this is two days late. I shall be talking about my second to last and last day in Vail.

I didn't really feel like skiing the second day there. I would've much rather gone to explore Denver. So I did. And what a beautiful view I had along the way there.

Once there, the first thing I had to see was the Denver Art Museum. I think I described this as the Walt Disney Concert Hall, without the curves. I guess that's vaguely accurate.

Now, this is supposedly art. I would beg to differ.

But it wasn't the sculpture itself that tickled me. It was the plaque in front of it.
har har har.

The museum turned out to be quite interesting. The other part of it, the Hamilton Building, looked like the Bastille. Huh. And the works within actually outdid LACMA in some senses. Some Mondrian here, some Monet there. Throw in some Picasso, Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol...hell, the gang's all here. Definitely a good choice to go there.

As I walked up a flight of the museum's stairs, I saw this looking up at me.
I love little violations of private space. They make me laugh.

walked through a park that looked like it was straight out of ancient Rome, then headed to the 16th Street Mall. Think 3rd Street Promenade, but with public transportation. Lots of shops, eateries, theaters, etc.
Cool, but overly commercialized. But then, what did I expect?

Had lunch at the Paramount Cafe, which had a plethora of strange burgers. Bison, ostrich, etc. I went for an Elk Burger with barbecue sauce, swiss cheese, and bacon. The elk looked and tasted like an Angus 1/3 pounder from McDonald's. Not gamey at all. How disappointing. But the bacon was thick and crispy, the sauce bland and useless. The onion rings it came with were thick-cut, but that's pretty much the only redeeming factor. They tasted like paper.

Then went to the Denver Contemporary Art Museum, which didn't allow photography. All I can say is, the conceptual aspects of MOCA and LACMA on steroids. Tilting my head to the right did little to make the "art" make any sense to me. Bleh.

Headed back over to Vail, explored the village some more and took pictures of random oddities. Like this ice sculpture.

Went out to dinner with the Cojab family, a lovely bunch that my parents do business with. Their kids were unspeakably adorable. I can confidently say that without it compromising my masculinity in any way, shape, or form.

We ordered a whole bunch of plates (the restaurant was Italian) and split it family style. The restaurant really felt like a traditional Italian place, not that I know what that would be. But if I did, I would imagine it to look like that. Servers were friendly and knew when and when not to bother the customers. Very savvy.

Now, I gravitated towards the Penne ala Vodka, which was loaded with prosciutto. Very exciting. The sauce wasn't too overpowering, there was only a hint of Vodka flavor, and the meat was delicious.

We did the same family-type deal for dessert. Flourless chocolate cake, chocolate gelato (which had such a high temperature for a gelato that I mistook it for mousse at first), and creme brulee. I was smiling.


Next day: explored Vail for a little bit before I had to leave.

This was at a fur store. Empirical evidence that rich people have too much money on their hands.

Here's that place I went for dinner the first night. I found the architecture charming and warm. Might as well have been in the Alps or something.

And if only I had a tripod, I would do a long exposure of the creek that ran through the town. Oh well.

Now, it turns out that there's a drive-thru barbecue joint called Nick and Jim's or something or other. So of course, I had to go there. The brisket sandwich was a big weak (read:boring) and it came dry. Personally, I like mine drenched in sauce. But hey, it was drive-thru and I was starving. I ate it and enjoyed it.

I find this picture of the area around Denver so incredibly dull, that I actually like it. Weird.
Denver skies

and then I arrived at home, crammed for all my makeup tests, went to school and bitched about the Lit essay.

Then I saw Ashley. We had an awesome running-start hug. Oh, how I missed her hugs. And her too, of course.

Anyways, Sabrina and Alex were matching :D

And in Bio, I told Justin to hold the camera really close to his face and take a picture. Fisheyes can make one look extremely unattractive XD

and now, I must prepare for Class Comp. And think of ways to get out of class. This shall be quite an adventure in its own right...

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm full.

Today was filled with a mass volume of food, but it was both quantity AND quality. But more on that later.

The snow in Vail is amazing. It's leagues apart from the slush/ice crap that I have to ride down in Mammoth or Big Bear or wherever. The snow here has such a low moisture content, that it's practically dry. This leads to a lovely pillow of powdery fluff that is a pleasure to ride down.

It's like this: in Mammoth, I feel as if I'm fighting the mountain. It wants me to fall, and I'm doing everything in my power to stop it. Whereas in Vail, the snow is so perfectly enjoyable, it's as if the slopes are working with me to provide the optimum skiing experience. The powder more or less catches me when I'm about to fall, and I hardly hear any ice-scraping noises as I speed down the mountain. Mammoth and the like scream at me, Vail sings.

Also, the mountain is so ridiculously large that it feels practically empty. See?
Vail, baby.
Notice the absence of any other people on a perfectly good run. This is what I was blessed with the whole day.

Except for complete whiteout for a while and being pelted by stinging needles of snow when going at high speeds, I couldn't have asked for a better day on the slopes.

Now, on to the food. For lunch I went to the Red Lion, which was more or less a tavern. I had a Blue Cheese burger with some good bacon, and a side of onion rings. The blue cheese and bacon added such a smoky taste to the high quality meat of the burger that I nearly cried. I love smoky. It's as if some brilliant man canned the essence of good smoke, concentrated it, and injected it into my burger. Sadly, the onions were devoid of any sort of flavor. Oh well.
Vail, baby.

To drink, I had a mix of hot apple cider and Tuaca, an Italian liqueur that is brandy-based and has a strong vanilla flavor. It warmed me to my soul.
Vail, baby.

Skied some more after lunch, went back to the room to shower, and went out to Beaver Creek, a small village a short distance from Vail. It's like Vail, only cuter and more lively.

There was a beautiful creek that ran under a covered wooden bridge, pretty much typifying my vision of winter.
Vail, baby.

Browsed a few art galleries and clothing stores for snooty rich people. A ski jacket on sale for ONLY $2000?! What a bargain! And if anyone is in the need of a 289 lb chunk of metal that crashed from outer space for $50,000, let me know. Or a perfect fossil of some gigantic fish for $125,000. What a steal! Rich people have too much money on their hands.

(For the record, my dinner was paid for by the type of snooty rich people I just mentioned. Except, they weren't snooty at all. They were making fun of the snooty ones. Great people, really.)

Ate dinner (or a better word: feasted) at the Beaver Creek Chop House. As soon as I heard Chop House in the name, my heart leaped. It could only mean one thing: good beef.

Well, I started it all off with a Shrimp Creole Bisque. It was heavy on the southern flavor, with bits of pepper and such floating around. Tasty, but not remarkable.
Vail, baby.

But the filet mignon, on the other hand. Wow. Best. Cut. Ever. The meet was so tender, I could go at it with a blunt spoon. It was cooked medium rare, right on the dot. The beef came with a Cabernet reduction dipping sauce, which went great with the red meat. As I took a bite of the filet mignon dipped in the sauce, then took a sip of red wine, it was like a symphony of flavor. The Cabernet reduction matched up excellently with the Rubicon Estate Cabernet, like two forces joining together in a dance of awesomeness in my mouth. I shouldn't forget to mention the sides, either. Sweet Potato Puree and pommes frittes covered in truffle shavings. Yum.
Vail, baby.

Now this, I feel, was a bit much. Acqua Panna, bottled in Tuscany, Italy. I will admit that it was cleaner and smoother than tap water. The couple that took my family out to dinner swore that it was better. Part of me agreed, while the other part could only stare in disbelief at the price tag and think seriously? Meh. Just give me some tap water. I'll live.
Vail, baby.

By the time we finished dinner, the town was dead quiet. Except for the Thriller playing at the ice skating rink. That was awesome.
Vail, baby.

Vail, baby.
"What the neighbors might think..."
"But baby, it's cold outside."

Dude, Vail's fun. I don't want to go back and sign up for APs and take 100 makeup tests. Yar.