Monday, August 17, 2009

All I do is eat.

Really, my entire week has revolved around lunch dates...those final meetings with friends before we part ways. Saddening, really.

Anyways, Ray's back from a month in Mongolia. So, of course, we ate pho.
It's photastic!
The large windows of Bamboo Song make for much nicer lighting than the darkness of Pho Hana.

Once again satisfied my meat pie craving that has been eating away at me since I watched Sweeney Todd. Perhaps a bit demented? Anyways, I am a huge fan of Tudor House's 2 for 1 special on Friday nights. Authentic cuisine, lots of people with British accents, and freshly baked pies.

Meat and Potato Pie. The meat was tender, the crust flaky. Perhaps the chips were a bit too soggy, but they tasted great nonetheless.
Beef and Potato Pie

Good ol' Shepherd's Pie. The crusted mashed potatoes on top made the dish.
Shepherd's Pie

And sometimes, you just HAVE to have Tommy's. I couldn't decide between the cheeseburger and chili dog, so I got both.
Original Tommy's
My innards may regret that decision, but I sure don't.

Arguably one of the coolest things about living in a city with a large Japanese community is the number of festivals. Festivals = food. I like food. Ergo, I like festivals.
Nisei Week
Tofu Okonomiyaki, Gyoza, and a nice helping of Takoyaki for $11, plus another $1 for a bottle of Ramune. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Oh, how I will miss eating all this food when I head off to college. Dorm food, here I come.

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