Saturday, August 8, 2009

Start at the beginning...

...and when you get to the end, stop.

A photo diary of my trip to Indonesia. A complete lack of continuity, partially because I'm too damned lazy to write an actual trip report. So here we go.

Airport and Korea.

I can't even imagine having an ipod at this kid's age. Not that I'm all that much older.
ipod generation

This is what I do when I have time to kill in an airport.

Undergound tunnel by Idae, Ewha Women's University. My sister pointed this out to me while I visited her in Korea.
Jolly Roger

Shinchon, Seoul, Korea. Met up with my sister in Korea for a few hours, went out to eat a delicious lunch. And yes, there is definitely cheese on that rice and chicken.
Dahk Galbi



Taken to some Chinese restaurant in Semarang. They would intoxicate live shrimp in alcohol, then boil them live. Sucking on the head tasted like what we called a "shrimp cocktail." Har har.
Drunken Shrimp

Sunsets in Semarang.

The infamous Durian. Love it or hate it. I was of the latter.

Momo! This dog followed us around all the time.

Some kindergarten students that we taught English to. Freaking adorable.

Chocolate and sprinkle crepes for 1000 rupiah (about 10 cents US)
The guy actually threw in one for free. What an awesome dude.

Kepeting Taoco (or something. The "c" is pronounced as a "ch"). Crab in a sweet soybean and pepper-based sauce.
Kepeting Taoco

The family of the elder with whom we stand while in Sugihwaras. Wonderfully welcoming, gracious, and kind. I couldn't thank them enough for their hospitality. Their kids were quite adorable (and hilarious) too.
Lovely family

The mainstay of Sugihwaras. Every farmer grows his own tobacco to sell to the ridiculously wealthy Indonesian tobacco companies.
Tobacco FarmersTobacco Farmers
Tobacco Farmers

We had the joy of playing with of the children in Sugihwaras. Always smiling, energetic, and curious. They were fun to be with, though only for a few days.

Ever have Java in Java?
Java in Java

A lovely place to sit and take a break, with the smell of nature and the cool breeze rustling through the bamboo. I could have sit here for hours, had I not been dragged away.

Oh, swingsets.

We had the seat right behind business class on one of our flights; yay for extra legroom!

Mangosteen. One of the most delicious fruits that I have ever eaten. I'm glad Alex made me realize they are no longer illegal in the US.

Pizza with crumbled sausage, potato, mayo, mushroom, sweet corn, bacon, and... sweet potato-stuffed crust. Idae, Seoul, Korea.
Mr. Pizza

The largest Buddhist Temple in the world, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Truly a wonder to explore and behold.
Borobudur Temple
Borobudur Temple

My favorites:

Borobudur Temple

This man was bedridden for three days after a back injury. It prevented him from farming, his livelihood. And so we prayed for his health and did what we could to help, but it didn't feel like enough...

Another Sugihwaran who let us into her home and let us chase around the livestock that was running around her house. It's quite hard to catch a frantic chicken.

And so there we go. A small slice of my trip to Indonesia (and Korea, to an extent). Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Now on to the next locale.

Adventure is out there! XD